Reflections on Water

Student Photographs from the YWCA Afterschool Program at New Design Middle School

An Exhibit commissioned by The Forum | Columbia University in Collaboration with the Josephine Herrick Project

To celebrate the creative work of students in the YWCA afterschool photography program, sponsored by The Josephine Herrick Project, The Forum, as part of its collaborative programming with community organizations, invited the students to exhibit their photos at The Forum. To deepen awareness around that shared and precious resource -- water, which has been the focus of Columbia’s Year of Water -- students were asked to take photos inspired by the theme of water. 

Close-up of raindrops on a green metal cross-bar, perhaps on a playground. A large apartment building with many windows looms in the background.
Image of blue water with bubbles and a light source penetrating the center of the water
Image of a large open space with colorful, geometric patterns on the walls and floor. One person leans against the wall along a staircase. Another approaches the stairs holding an umbrella.
Close-up portrait of a young woman wearing glasses, with a playground in the background
Close-up of small grains of swirling colors including bright pink, dark blue, and teal green
Close-up, dark image of a hard-to-distinguish round object, perhaps a shower head
Bird's eye view of a plastic cup of water being filled
Close-up, bird's eye view into a plastic cup of water with a red dye swirling inside


With special thanks to Olivia Hunter, Program Coordinator, The Josephine Herrick Project; Kiersten Oteyza and Phoebe Streblow, teaching artists, The YWCA Afterschool Program at the New Design Middle School; and all the students in the program whose imaginations informed their water-inspired photographs.